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I could start off by saying that my career in music began as a session guitarrist for the “Bossa n’ Roses and Bossa n’ Stones” records, but I think it would be better go all the way back to square one. I began studying music and playing guitar when I was 11 years old. Some years later, I graduated from the “Escuela de Música Contemporanea (EMC), Berklee International Network.” My studies earned me a diploma as a Professional Musician with an emphasis in jazz guitar. Shortly thereafter I also completed the “María del Carmen Aguilar Audio Perception” 4-year course, also at the “EMC, Berklee International Network,” where I majored in Composition and Arrangement. In the year 2014 I’ve attended Dubspot in New York City, USA, to study music production with Ableton as well as Mixing and Mastering. In 2016 I completed my mixing and mastering studies in SSR London, and took a Masterclass with Audio Engineer legend Ken Scott in Leeds Univeristy

After playing jazz guitar in a couple of big bands, I took up playing bass in different bands—two of which you can find in my portfolio. While with one of the bands, “Telexx” we signed a record deal for our first release with Airdrop Records and continued on for our second album, this time signing with Universal Music. As I advanced in my music career, I decided to explore other instruments. In particular, I studied drums and piano and played this two in different bands. With a solid base of formal education and experience, I decided to focus on what interested me the most– composition and arrangement. To maximize my creative and profession possibilities, I put together a recording studio of my own and immediately started to compose and arrange for a list of commercial clients. Most notably, I found my first breakthrough success in sound production for the video game industry and eventually reached individual artists as well as television, film and advertising agencies.

I’m part of Blazar, a collective music label run by independent female artist. Here the link to the site: http://blazarmusic.com.ar/ 

Link to download my First Solo Album “Mushotoku”: https://micahourbeigt.bandcamp.com/releases

 I am happy to continue working with commercial clients today and look forward to expanding my network in the industry. If anyone were to ask me what music means to me, I would probably answer: “I have no idea.” Music is so dynamic yet so simple at the same time that I can’t put into words exactly what made this universe become my life’s passion. Never sure of where this musical journey will take me, I charge ahead with great excitement and enjoy every minute of the ride.

Services provided to enterprises, bands and individuals:


  • From style to style
  • Instrumentation variation
  • Form and idea
  • Band songs
  • Musical production for artists


  • Any style
  • Music for bands
  • Video games
  • Advertising
  • Movies
  • Web pages
  • Documentaries
  • Plays
  • Television
  • Institutional videos
  • Instrumental tracks for singers
  • FX for Video Games and Web Pages


  • Classical Orchestra
  • Any band style: Rock, Pop, Jazz, etc.